Rib & block slabs remains the most cost effective solution for suspended flooring.

Through innovative design we can offer our clients the versatility for irregular shapes, excellent structural integrity and improved sound and heat insulation. These benefits together with ease and speed of erection offer substantial savings over in-situ slabs.

Rib & Block Slabs Rib & Block Slabs Rib & Block Slabs


Benefits of Slab City Rib & Block Slabs includes:
  • It's versatility
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent structural integrity
  • Factory controlled quality product
  • Ease of erection
  • Does not require skilled labour
  • Excellent finishing
  • Reduction in the use of form work and scaffolding
  • Flexibility
  • Electrical and plumbing services can easily be accommodated
  • Excellent insulation from heat, cold and sound
  • Lightweight
  • Deflection reduced to pre-stressing


Prestressed Ribs
  • Normal size : 150 x 58 mm
  • Mass 21.00 kg/m. Indented wire (4mm diameter) 1700MPa
  • Concrete strength at transfer 25MPA, Ult.40 MPA @ 28 days
Concrete Hollow Blocks
  • Standard hollow block widths 440mm
  • All orders are supplied with required quantity of closed ends.
  • Extra quantities are supplied for breakage
Block Code Diagram Mass (KG) Thickness (MM)
S90 11.75 90
S120 15.06 170
S205 19.75 255
S290 27.1 340
  • Anti-crack weld mesh supplied with 12% allowance for overlap (No mesh required for Nrange block)

    CHRYSO Cryplon Fibre (Synthetic Micro-Fibre Forcocrete)

    Fibre is being introduced because of the rising cost of Mesh/Steel products in general. The fibre surface is treated to improve initial dispersion and bond in the concrete.


    The fibres are packed in water soluble bags. The bags are added to the mixer un-opened. See mixing instruction below.

    • Reduced plastic shrinkage cracks
    • Reduced plastic settlement
    • Reduced bleeding
    • Reduced water & chemical permeability
    • Alternative to crack control mesh

    • Internal floors
    • External hard standing
    • Pre-cast concrete
    • Water retaining structures
    • Repair materials
    • Concrete Structures


    The fibres should ideally be added to the concrete at the batch plant, during mixing. When this is not possible the fibres can be added on site into the back of the truck mixer. A minimum of 70 drum revolutions is required to ensure uniform dispersion of the fibres. (3 to 5 minutes on site mixing in the back of a RMC truck)

Reinforcing Steel
  • Y10 reinforcing bars are supplied in straight lengths for all stiffener ribs
Design Parameters
  • In situ concrete 25 MPa @ 28 days
  • Prestressed wires 4.00mm diameter 1700 MPa
  • Temporary support under stiffener ribs as detailed on drawings (Maximum 1500mm)

Bronkhorstspruit Slab

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